Our Staff


Otto   Otto Weik: Founder 
The success of Carpets by Otto has always been in the hands of those who report to work day after day, doing their best, caring for those who have trusted us with their flooring business, and caring for each other. I am proud to have been given the   opportunity to serve so many people over the years.
Dee   Dee Weik: President CEO 
It has been my privilege to work with my husband, Otto, from the early beginning of Carpets by Otto in 1969, through today.  There is no greater feeling than to be surrounded by a family of excellent employees and incredibly talented installation crews. We have been blessed in so many ways!
Jennifer   Jennifer Beauch: Operations Manager/ Outlet Team Leader /Rental Accounts 
For the past 23 years I have been experiencing virtually all aspects of the flooring business. Working with my staff at our Outlet location, we process all orders submitted by our sales teams from all three locations. My responsibilities include accounting, payroll processing, inventory control, and more. Our company goal has always been customer delight, not simply customer satisfaction! My job is to make sure that’s happening every day.
Scott   Scott Schiel: Manager/Team Leader Landmark 
I have been in sales for 29 years and enjoy the opportunity to meet new people  and exceed a customer’s expectations. It is a pleasure and a joy to help someone select, design and color their house to make it a beautiful Home! I take great pride in knowing that my customers are not only getting value but honesty and integrity throughout the entire sales process. I know when they show off their new flooring they will be beaming with satisfaction and their friends and family will want to know how they can change their homes to be that awesome as well.
Greg   Greg Race: Manager/Team Leader Levis Commons 
I started with Carpets by Otto at their Landmark location 22 years ago as a warehouse worker, but quickly found that I was more suited for sales.Today I am team leader for the sales staff at our Levis Commons Design Center in Perrysburg. I’m a professional at planning flooring for new construction projects, both residential and commercial, and an expert with residential replacement work too.
Amy   Amy Cameron: Sales Consultant, Levis Commons  
I really enjoy helping my customers find the right selection for their home or business. There are so many options to choose from at Carpets by Otto! Finding the perfect pick is really fun, and I love knowing how happy my customers are when the job is finished.
Nancy   Nancy Davis: Sales Consultant, Outlet 
My job is to help Outlet shoppers find great deals and my days can be pretty fast moving because there are so many great deals getting snatched up so quickly. Everybody loves to save money, but nobody wants cheap carpet. I get to help shoppers find real value every day. Very satisfying and fun!
Vince   Vince Halterman: Warehouse 
My job is to unload shipments and make sure our customers get what they ordered. I’m careful with every roll and inspect everything for quality before our installers take to your home. I like knowing that I’m part of sending installers off well prepared for their day.
Ben   Ben Hewlett: Sales Consultant Levis Commons   
Having been involved in the flooring world for nearly ten years, from warehouse staff to customer assistance and everything in between, it is safe to say that I know flooring. With experience in so many levels of the flooring industry I am very capable of showing customers terrific options, explaining the benefits, assisting with color/texture, and helping out for the entire process. From quick residential renovations to large-scale commercial projects, I am ready and willing to assist!
Regina   Regina Klingbeil: Sales and Office assistant, Outlet location 
I am Otto sister and have worked at Carpets by Otto longer than anybody! I find the Outlet location the best place for me because it’s such a busy hub of activity. Never a   dull moment!
Craig   Craig Musch: Sales Consultant, Landmark    
I have been with Carpets by Otto at our Landmark location in Flooring Sales, since May of 2000. I enjoy SCCA autocross, as well as other types of racing. I also enjoy Wakeboarding and Snowboarding. I have been in the flooring industry for over 22 years, and have installed, cleaned and sold carpet.
John   John Pfister: Installations & Scheduling Manager / Estimator 
As a professional carpet installer prior to becoming scheduling manager for Carpets by Otto, I have firsthand knowledge of what goes on at the job-site which is helpful in planning the days for all of our crews. I have been the scheduling manager for over 20 years and have been in the flooring business most of my life.
Nick   Nick Sayers: Ordering, Crews & Customer Service 
As a former carpet installer, I have a good understanding of all the details that are involved in correct ordering of materials for every job. I enjoy interacting with suppliers   and their representatives every day. We all share the same goal of getting each job done in a timely manner so we can provide great customer service.
Nathan   Nathan Vercellotti: Sales Consultant, Landmark    
I started selling flooring in 1991. Seems like a lifetime ago! I enjoy finding the right selections for client needs. I have seen trends come and go and technology improve so much. Yarns have gotten stronger and softer; stain treatments have become better and safer. Tile, Vinyl and Laminate are much more realistic, and finishes on Hardwood have greatly improved. When   people say, “They just don’t make things as good as they used to….” they’re not talking about   flooring because this industry is constantly getting better!  I love it!
Mark   Mark Wisniewski: Customer Service/ Sales Consultant    
I have been in sales and the flooring business for over 30 years, both in retail and wholesale. Having this experience allows me to better inform and serve our customers. Their complete satisfaction is important to me.
Robbie   Robbie Zolciak: Warehouse Manager 
For the past 12 years, it’s been my job to manage every aspect of Carpets by Otto’s warehouse operations at our Outlet location in Holland Ohio. In addition to being responsible for inventory coming in and going out, I also run cutting and binding   machines, operate our forklifts, load out our crews, and train other warehouse workers to do the same. As an installer myself, I have been surrounded by the flooring business my whole life!


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