True Flooring Stories


Free In-Home ConsultationAfter nearly 50 years, we’ve heard it all! Believe it or not, these are true stories! Carpets by Otto installers arrived at our customer’s home to find "Home Center” installers working in the basement of this same house! She explained that she didn’t want the "Free Installation” workers doing her living room and formal dining room, so she contracted with Carpets by Otto to do that part of the job! She didn’t ask for our estimate because the "free installers” would be fine for her basement and she was convinced that with the Home Center Free-Deal she was saving a "ton of money.”

Our guys saw the bill sitting on her kitchen table and couldn’t resist because we stock the same carpet that was being installed in the basement. A quick measure down there with a call to our sales department for fun was interesting for sure. This lady would have saved over $200 with our "paid in full” installers for the exact same selection! (We didn’t tell her, but we’ve told this story a hundred times over!)

Here’s the pitfall online or over-the-phone shoppers continuously fall into, they shop for the lowest price per square foot and make their decision. This is insane unless you only need one square foot of carpet! GET AN IN-HOME ESTIMATE with a BOTTOM LINE PRICE INCLUDING EVERYTHING (tax and all) by a trusted flooring professional (Carpets by Otto) who actually knows how to measure! It goes like this: "Gee, Big Box has it for only $3.50 sq. ft. installed” and Otto’s is priced at $4.25!” "We’re going with Big Box and we’ll save a bundle!” In reality, Big Box measures 125 sq.ft. more than needed, Big Box adds $250 for steps, Big Box charges for tack strip, etc. etc.

With a bottom line comparison of identical products, Big Box is NOT a good deal at all!


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